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Welcome on this page, homepage of a student of economics, who dedicates his free time to photography and programming, likes to ride his motorbike and does sport or geosaching to free his mind. He also gives extra lessons in math for several years, earlier also in physics and german, but he forgot it a little bit. So one guys puts all this stuff about himself on the internet, because all this is already known about him yet. There are many ways, how and why you have got to the page - by chance, looking for myself or I gave you my visiting-card when we met and most propably I have no contact to you, so please send me an e-mail.

Content of this site

Task of this site is a short introduction of myself, my portfolio, and things I like to do. As I have already written, I like to take photos and as I always have my camera with me, I take pictures at parties and events, but I like to concentrate on portraits, because taking pictues of human faces really very interesting. It is highly possible, that you got a vitis-card from me, because I think you are special and would like to see you again.

Except this, there is also a guidepost on this page, so you can visit interesting sites from my portfolio. I like creating webpages and as it is my hobby. I learnt a lot in the past, but nowadays it is not my main activity of my free time.

Author of this pages Petr Polák (Mili)

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