About me - what could be interesting for you

My photo - August 2008
My Curriculum Vittae is disposable at request.
Full name: Bc. Petr Polák
Town, place of living: Náchod / Praha
University: IES FSV UK
Activites: Finance, advertisement, internet, computers, networking, photography etc.

What makes me happy:

Sport: ftiness, climbing, swimming, geocaching, dancing,
earlier orienteering, cycling, skiing
Motorbike: MZ 150
Languages: english and german
Other activities: IT and all around it, photography
Economics studies and economic literature
Getting know the world around me, understanding things and principles of functionality

Abilities, knowledge:

Short list of my knowledge and abilities can be found in my CV, than on the page with services I offer. Other things are not so important to be mentioned, such as how the things work (fridge, network) or my education about finances, my political opinions, how I see the world…

A little bit of fable:

My name is Petr Polák, and grew up in Nachod, which is a town of the population of about 20 thousand people and is situated in the eastern Bohemia. After 5 years at the primary school I entered Jirásek grammar school, where 8 years later in 2008 I successfuly passed the GCE exam.

My placing in competitions

Some time ago, I made a list of competitions I took a part in. Pavel, a friend of mine, said to me, to place this list here, on my webpage. I am very happy when I do something well, so I did it. Well ”one has to try almost anything”. If you want to know, how good I am, just click a link below.

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